Wednesday Flavor Check -- Tenga Actual Pit Cream 170ml

We had so much fun poking our nose into your business in the last 60 Second Survey that we've decided to do another one.Not that we're being overly nosey or anything, we just like asking questions. And listening to you answer.This time you can win a 100 sexy shopping spree at my blog was Sprite, after the soft drink. This was about ten years ago, long before the trend took off. Oooh, we foretold a future trend! How exciting!

Cats arent the only things named after food. You can find male sex toys named after food. Yes, you can! Case in point are some Fleshlight and male masturbators
in the Fleshjack line. Fleshjack Sex In A Can Fruity is named after soft drinks. Specifically, Cherrypop (Mini Butt Orifice With Forbidden Texture), Banana Cream (Mouth Orifice With Mini-Swallow at school.

The bridge position is when the woman faces upward, and uses her arms and legs to push her body off the ground – so that she resembles a bridge. Taking this position into the bedroom requires some training.

You want to make sure that you can hold yourself up while your lover is pounding into you. What it takes is some major strength in your biceps, triceps, glutes, abs, as well as all the major muscle groups in your legs. The great part is that when the lover is on their knees, the penis or dildo lines right up with the bridged-woman’s vagina.

Lean-To – For those who can’t handle the Bridge, try the Lean-To. Start by laying on your back. With your feet planted downward, push your hips into the sky and keep them there while your lover enters you. Some sexy women find an additional challenge is to wrap their legs around their over’s hips and hold themselves up using that at support. Expect a huge work out for your ab muscles!